A simple and study purposes tool for creating and managing linux containers.


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Navio is a simple tool for creating and managing linux containers.

A container is a set of processes isolated by Linux namespaces. We use, for example, PID namespace to isolate the PID number space, UTS to isolate the hostname and MOUNT to isolate the filesystem mount points.

All containers have their own rootfs (a isolated "mini operating system") associated, so that a change (for example, an installation of any library or a creation of a file) in a container does not affect others ones.

It is also possible use Cgroups to limit the amount of resources that each container can use.

This project exists for study purposes, so feel free to contribute 🚢 😃


You can contribute to the project in any way you want, either by fixing bugs, implementing new features, improving the documentation or proposing new features through issues.


  • Open a Issue describing what your change is about and why
  • Fork and make your changes
  • Test it running sudo make unit-tests to make sure that your changes passes the tests
  • Make Pull Request with your changes.

This is a suggestion, not a rule 😃


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Project listed on September 18, 2021