Verified Maintainer Program

The OSH Verification program is a simple way for contributors to discover projects that have been reviewed and curated by the OSH team.

Maintainers also receive many perks such as:

  • Distinguished promotions on the OSH website and its communities
  • Featured in Console by OSH weekly newsletter
  • Access to a CodeSee Business or Enterprise Plan
  • ...and many more benefits!

How to get verified

Want to get verified? Our two requirements are that your project is active and noteworthy. Learn more about what's required before following the steps to submit your project for Verification.


Verified projects are actively maintained and receive at least 4+ PRs from contributors every 30 days.


Verified projects are widely known and/or impactful in the world of open source. Noteworthiness is determined through the purpose of the project, number of stars, notable maintainers/contributors working on the project, etc.

Submit your project to be verified on Open Source Hub today!

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