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Tuterm is a framework for running and creating real-time interactive tutorials
and demonstrations of CLI programs.

Key features:

For users

  • Ridiculously easy to use
  • Step by step instructions
  • Learn at your own pace
  • No mistakes possible
  • Customizable colors, delays and prompts

For tutorial creators

  • Nothing more than a bash extension
  • Create interactive tutorials and non-interactive demos with the same code
  • Simple framework and minimalistic design
  • Well documented
  • Doesn't reinvent the wheel
  • 100% repeatable

Please head on over to our GitHub page
for more.


I created this project to help people learn the CLI, help developers create
tutorials for their CLI projects and to learn more CLI programs myself!

The project is written in bash and it's not very large.

If you have any ideas, contributions or any kind of questions, please don't
hesitate to open issues, submit pull requests or send me an email. Any kind of
interaction proves to me that this project is worthwhile.

I do this in my free time, so I would very much appreciate your help. Please
also check out a spin-off project:
A collection of tutorials for popular CLI programs.

Project listed on October 15, 2021