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"Automatically open a PR on your GitOps repository when a third party service publishes an update"

Updatecli is a tool used to apply file update strategies. Designed to be used from everywhere, each application "run" detects if a value needs to be updated using a custom strategy then apply changes according to the strategy.

You describe your update strategy in a file then you run updatecli to it.

Updatecli reads a yaml or a go template configuration file, then works into three stages

  1. Sources: Based on a rule, updatecli fetches a value that will be injected in later stages such as latest application version.
  2. Conditions: Ensure that conditions are met based on the value retrieved during the source stage.
  3. Targets: Update and publish the target files based on a value retrieved from the source stage.

== Feature

  • Flexibility: Easy to define tailored update strategies, you are just one yaml file from it.
  • Portability: Easy to add to your workflow whatever it is. Just one command to run. Of course, it's easy to remove.
  • Extensibility: Easy to add new go packages to support more workflows.

== Why

There are already many projects out there to continuously update your files, but they all have an opinionated way of doing it and they often want you to adopt a new platform.
Building and distributing software is a difficult task and good practices constantly evolve.
Updatecli was built to work independently of the underlying dependencies to update, wherever you need it and combining whatever workflow you are using, as you can see in the following section.

Project listed on February 02, 2023