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User-friendly query builder for React


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Data VisualizationTools

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ReactHTML / CSSJavaScript

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User-friendly React component to build queries (filters).
Config-driven, rich in features.
Supports UI frameworks: Ant Design, Material-UI, Bootstrap, Fluent UI.
Can import from JSON, JsonLogic, SpEL.
Can export to JsonLogic, MongoDb, SQL, SpEL, ElasticSearch or your custom format.


For tech writers:
Any help with improving docs is much appreciated.
My native language is not English, so tech docs for the library need to be improved and be easier to read and understand.
Also, adding Storybook to the lib would be sweet.

For developers:
Use pnpm i && pnpm start to start the demo project locally with hot-reload and play with the code in /examples /core /ui packages folders.
There are a lot of features users request and you can implement them.

Project listed on April 04, 2023