The tooling that enables ESLint and Prettier to support TypeScript.


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typescript-eslint enables ESLint to run on TypeScript code. It brings in the best of both tools to help you write the best JavaScript or TypeScript code you possibly can.

ESLint and TypeScript represent code differently internally. ESLint's default JavaScript parser cannot natively read in TypeScript-specific syntax and its rules don't natively have access to TypeScript's type information.


  • allows ESLint to parse TypeScript syntax
  • creates a set of tools for ESLint rules to be able to use TypeScript's type information
  • provides a large list of lint rules that are specific to TypeScript and/or use that type information


We've got three main areas of work:

  • The documentation website at typescript-eslint.io: a React app built with Docusaurus. Much of this work requires little to no knowledge of ASTs or other static analysis terms.
  • Lint rules: our >100 custom ESLint rules that analyze code, many with TypeScript's type information
  • Core parsing & type information: the plumbing that makes the project work
Project listed on March 20, 2023