Minecraft Youtubers Lucky Blocks.

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A minecraft mod that adds youtubers lucky blocks to the game. One can break the blocks and get random drops which are related to a particular youtuber


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Most contributors are in India

Ideal: 1 PR a month

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This is a minecraft mod project. Right now this mod contains 40 famous YouTuber's lucky blocks. lucky blocks are blocks
that drop random items when broken by a player, these items can be good for the player or they can be bad.
This mod also adds swords and other blocks which are not yet craftable, they are exclusive to lucky blocks only.
There are morph armor kits and custom mobs within the mod as well!


  • We need help porting the mod from previous version of minecraft (1.12,1.10...) to newer versions like 1.14,1.16 etc
  • One could also contribute by adding their own items/lucky blocks
  • Fixing some old bugs like mobs not spawning sometimes is a huge help too!
  • if you get stuck you could DM me at discord : thvardhan#8140


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Project listed on September 22, 2021