Javascript mini-projects.

Awesome Collection of amazing javascript mini-projects.


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Awesome Collection of amazing javascript mini-projects.


This is an open-source repository that collects different projects.

Make some awesome projects, put them in your directory and create a pull request. and DONE ✅

Steps to Raise and get your PR Merged successfully.

👉 Fork this repository

👉 Clone the repository into your local system

👉 Create a branch projectname-username, e.g. - git checkout -b ChatApp-thinkswell

👉 Add your projects in the respective directory (if exist otherwise create one), the name of directory should be your ProjectName/USERNAME, e.g. - ChatApp/thinkswell

👉 Add One project at a time

👉 Add & commit, use git add -A, than git commit -m "Your commit message about project"

👉 Push changes to GitHub, e.g. - git push origin ChatApp-thinkswell

👉 Click on Create a Pull Request.

👉 Attach some SCREENSHOTS GIF or link of your working project in the description ❗Important❗.

👉 Submit the PR.

👉 Leave a ⭐ to the repo and FOLLOW me if you liked the project.

We're happy to merge awesome portfolio to this repository!

Hurray! Now you are a part of open source community 🚀🚀🚀

Project listed on December 19, 2022