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Log work hours and get notified when it's time to leave the office and start to live.


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JavaScriptHTML / CSSPython

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Most contributors are in Brazil


Time to Leave is a desktop application that allows a user to log the time they started working today, and the application will compute what time they should leave the office, considering the time you spent on lunch. When it's time, the program will issue a notification.

It's possible to track the working hours, overtime, holidays and more.

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It's developed using Electron, with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. We also have helper scripts in Python.

If programming is not your thing, we also need help translating Time to Leave into new languages, developing more tests, and more.


We are extremily proud of having a welcoming environment for everyone, from beginners to experienced folks. So, either if you looking to start your journey on open-source, or is looking for a cool project to contribute, come check Time to Leave!

In our issues page you'll find some of the tasks we have opened, but you can come with suggestions as well.

Drop by our discord channel to get in touch, or pop in any issue.

Also, fell free to check our contributing guidelines and development guide for more information.


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Project listed on September 20, 2021