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IMAP backend for Django mail package


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IMAP back-end for django.core.mail package, aimed for uploading messages to specif mailboxes, instead of sending it
over SMTP (or other Django email backend). Useful for debugging without fancy services like Library is capable of uploading messages to multiple accounts at once (one email
to multiple mailboxes or accounts).

If you like nice diagrams, check this
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In last few months I worked on project where we have to send a lot of emails to different mailboxes. We used fake
(and after migration real) e-mail addresses in our staging environment. It was hard to debug these messages without
services like mailtrap (for which we just didn't want to pay, even it's a pretty cool product,
client's budget is client's budged).

We came up with the idea of uploading ready-to-send emails to IMAP user instead of sending it.


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We use poetry for dependency management. Please write your source code according to the
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Project listed on October 01, 2021