This is an open-source warehouse management system. You can set your own storage rooms, same or different products in each room with different quantities as well as customer information. Easy way to update any information that is stored and get reported for low quantities. Search across all storage rooms to find the product you are missing!


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Contribution overview

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This is an open-source warehouse management system.


  • Registration of products (Brand,Type...)
  • Registration, deletion of storage rooms
  • Registration, update and deletion of customers
  • Customer specific discount percentage
  • Quantity per product in each storage room
  • Summary table for all products, total quantity and storage rooms that they exist in
  • Search function based on Product Code, Brand or Type
  • Exact or approximate search
  • Reporter frame with products that are in low quantities (shortage)

Tools used in this project

  • Netbeans and java 8
  • SQLite studio


Contributing to Warehouse

Reporting Issues

Please report issues through the public issue tracker.

How to contribute

  1. Fork the repo to your own profile.
  2. Select an issue.
  3. Create a new branch with the name "feature/issueNum_anyOtherNaming" (feature/3_myBranch).
  4. Write your code.
  5. Commit and push to your repo.
  6. Compare and pull request against this repo's master branch.


  • Smaller changes are easier to review
  • Write tests for your changes
    • This project uses JUnit 5
    • Tests should go in the test directory. Mirror the same package structure in test as in main
    • Test classes meeting the regex * will automatically be included by the framework's test runner
    • In order to run the tests, you must have Maven installed
    • Run the tests by running mvn test from the command-line.
  • Document the fix in the code to make the code more readable
  • File a PR with meaningful title, description and commit messages.
  • To close an issue (e.g. issue 1542) automatically after a PR is merged, use keywords "fix", "close", "resolve" in the PR description, e.g. fix #51.
Project listed on October 01, 2021