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A JavaScript-based SDK for delivering secure, Zero-Trust, browser-based web applications over a Ziti Network.


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Learn all about Ziti at ziti.dev

Ziti is a Programmable, Zero Trust, Networking platform, made by developers for developers.

Do you want to easily embed secure and high performance networking into your apps and solutions, without managing networking infrastructure? Ziti has your back.
Ziti is the leading open source networking platform, enabling zero trust networking from anywhere to anywhere, over the Internet.

The Ziti-SDK-JS is a component of Ziti that enables web applications to be easily Zitify'd.

The CodeSee Map below is a good way to get familiar with the Ziti-SDK-JS codebase:


The Ziti project welcomes contributions including, but not limited to, code, documentation and bug reports.

Ziti was developed and open sourced by NetFoundry, Inc. NetFoundry continues to fund and contribute to Ziti.

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Project listed on October 05, 2021