HTTP middleware to watch, report and recover from unhandled exceptions in GoLang.


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Middleware for an HTTP server in GoLang to watch for unhandled exceptions. The middleware provides the following features:

  • Provide an error boundary for panic
  • Email alerts in production
  • Slack alerts in production
  • Discord alerts in production
  • Log & display stack trace in development
  • Code browser


You can contribute to the project in any manner you that best suits you - fixing bugs, implementing new features, improving documentation or proposing new features through issues. The primary objective is however, to extend the feature-set of the tool.

General steps to contribute:

  • Open or select an existing Issue describing what your change is about and why
  • Fork and make your changes
  • Make Pull Request with your changes mentioning the issue in the PR.

Feel free to get in touch with the maintainers in case of any queries.


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Project listed on September 24, 2021