Multy - Easily deploy multi cloud infrastructure. Write cloud-agnostic config deployed across multiple clouds.


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What is Multy?

Multy is an open-source tool that makes your infrastructure portable using a cloud-agnostic API. You write your cloud-agnostic configuration once and Multy deploys it to the clouds you choose.

Multy is available as a Terraform provider and can deploy to AWS, Azure, with GCP coming soon. The provider is also open-sourced at multycloud/terraform-provider-multy.

An example of an object storage deployment in Multy through Terraform:

resource "multy_object_storage" "obj_storage" {
  name       = "test-storage-123-multy"
  cloud      = "aws"
  location   = "us_east_1"
  versioning = true

resource "multy_object_storage_object" "public_obj_storage" {
  name              = "hello_world"
  object_storage_id =
  content           = "<h1>hello world from ${each.key}</h1>"
  content_type      = "text/html"
  acl               = "public_read"

Changing clouds is as easy as changing the cloud parameter! With Multy, you write once, and deploy anywhere.


If you're interested in contributing, take a look at our Issues and join our Discord channel!

Ways you can contribute:

  • Suggest and vote for features on our Roadmap
  • Engage in discussions in the Discord channel
  • Report bugs
  • Contribute code

Don't be afraid to:

  • Talk to us on Discord
  • Tell us how you use Multy
  • Tell us what you would do differently
  • Suggest any features you find interesting!


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Project listed on June 08, 2022