ComEve (Community Events)

Community Events App built with ❤️ using Angular, NgRx, Rxjs to do thrill in


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Project type

SocialFirst Timer FriendlyWeb Application

Project tech

AngularTypeScriptJavaScriptHTML / CSS

Currently seeking

  • Code Reviewers
  • Technical Writers
  • Frontend Developers
  • Issue Triage

Contribution overview

Most contributors are in Pakistan

Ideal: 1 PR a month / As much as you can

Mentorship & pairing available

Automated dev environment available


ComEve is a friendly community where you can learn and grow together. App built with ❤️ using Angular, NgRx, Rxjs to do thrill in #hacktoberfest

Our Opensource codebase is completely free and self-paced. We will have thousands of interactive users to help them expand their events.


The ComEve community is possible thanks to thousands of kind volunteers like you. We welcome all contributions to the community and are excited to welcome you aboard.

  • Help by answering coding questions on our community forum.
  • Give feedback on current opensource app.
  • Contribute to our open source codebase on GitHub.

The general platform status for all our applications is available at The build and deployment lifecycle is super easy.

Project listed on October 05, 2021