Moja Global's FLINT-UI

User-Interface client for Moja Global's FLINT to configure cloud-based simulations. This project provides an intuitive way for new to explore some preconfigured FLINT modules, including the Generic Budget Carbon Model (GCBM), in order to better understand how the FLINT system works.


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FLINT-UI is a web-based user interface for FLINT for configuring simulations using the FLINT.Cloud APIs and run workflows on browser itself. FLINT is a modular and highly flexible open-source software technology designed to estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals by the land sector.

Moja Global’s mission is to support ambitious climate action by developing pioneering, open-source software – including the FLINT software – to help users accurately and affordably estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals from forestry, agriculture, and other land use (AFOLU).

We are building a community of experts, scientists, and developers to create the first open-source source software for MRV systems for the land sector that is affordable, accurate, and fully customizable to a user’s needs and available data, whether the user represents a country, a region, a local government, a company or a project.

The aim of our project is to create a user-friendly, accessible, and easy-to-use web-based client for FLINT and to collaborate with stakeholders to achieve the same.


  • Get mentored by contributors from the community while making your first contributions.
  • Contribute to the development process by creating new documentation, fixing user-interface bugs, designing and implementing new pages, or submitting pull requests to patch noticeable issues.
  • Collaborate with the stakeholders to improve the application user-experience and the documentation flow for new users.
  • We are open to diverse contributors from all walks of life to contribute to the moja global and help sustain our fight against climate change.


Resources to learn more about our technology and community.

Project listed on September 30, 2021