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Meshery is the cloud native manager that enables the adoption, operation, and management of Kubernetes, any service mesh, and their workloads. Meshery is a CNCF project. Plugins like MeshMap enable users with a drag-and-drop designer for cloud native infrastructure using a palette of thousands of versioned Kubernetes components. Using GitOps? Integrate advanced performance analysis into your pipeline.

Deploy designs, apply patterns, manage and operate your deployments in real-time. Bring all your Kubernetes clusters under a common point of management. Interactively connect to terminal sessions or initiate and search log streams from your containers.


Please do! Thanks for your help! 🎈 Meshery is community-built and welcomes collaboration. Contributors are expected to adhere to the CNCF’s Code of Conduct.

Follow these steps and you’ll be right at home.

  1. See the Meshery Contributors Guide -
  2. See the Newcomers Guide for how, where, and why to contribute -
  3. Fill-in a community member form community member form to gain access to community resources -
  4. The weekly Newcomers meeting held every Thursday offers an overview of the community and projects. It’s an ideal place to start:
  5. Optionally, signup for a MeshMate to find the perfect Mentor to help you explore the Layer5 projects and find your place in the community -
Project listed on March 03, 2023