Isospace Game

Open Source Unity 3D Game, maintained by Isotopic. Looking for maintainers and contributors!


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  • Developers
  • Maintainers
  • Issue Triage
  • Technical Writers
  • UX
  • Designers
  • Backend Developers
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  • Code Reviewers

Contribution overview

Most contributors are in Global, Remote

Ideal: All contributions are equally appreciated!

Mentorship & pairing available


Isospace is an open source Unity 3D game, originally inspired by Race The Sun game.

The project is maintained by Isotopic, a new game distribution platform which uses blockchain technologies as an infrastructure.

Only the most basic gameplay is developed, we are looking for game design, gameplay, artstyle and story ideas.

We use GitHub Issues for serious discussions, and our discord server ( for general talk about the game.


Since the project is so early, there are numerous ways of contributing.

We are looking for Game designers, C# programmers, modelers, UI artists, SFX/VFX artists.

You can check out the GitHub Issues for a list of things that need work, and take on anything you like.

Project listed on January 25, 2023