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  • Frontend Developers
  • Developers
  • DevOps
  • Technical Writers
  • Maintainers

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Most contributors are in India, Asia-Pacific

Ideal: 1 PR a week

Mentorship & pairing available


Rotten Scripts contains amazing and awesome scripts written in Python, JavaScript, Bash, Powershell, and more. Consider this repository as your personal space to find or add any new script that can make life easier for us and the Open Source community too, as a Developer, and find a utility of coding to burst out of boredom. Get started with coding exhilarating scripts that you can use to download PDFs from an Online Source or just to randomly like everyone's Instagram Post.


  • Get mentored by developers from the community while making your first contributions.
  • Create an impact by making the website for the project and improving the current workflows.
  • Contribute to packaging existing scripts for publishing and ease of use overall.
  • Know more about our contributing guidelines here.
  • Reach out to the maintainers here.
  • Know about our style guidelines here.


Resources to learn more about our technology and community.

Project listed on September 29, 2021