A tool to check the availability or syntax of domain, IP or URL.


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PyFunceble is a tool that tries to provide an accurate availability check
through the usage of multiple sources which are for example - to only list them:

  • the WHOIS record(s).
  • the DNS record(s).
  • the HTTP status code.

It can be included in your existing project through:

  • a CLI that can test from a hosts file, a plain list of subjects, an
    AdBlock filter list or even an RPZ record.
  • its Python API.
  • the PyFunceble web-worker project that provides the core functionalities
    of PyFunceble behind a web API.

It is mainly used by many projects or infrastructure to:

  • continuously (re-)test the availability of IP, domains or URLs
  • filter inactive IP, domains or URLs from hosts files, lists of domain, adblock list
  • ... and a lot more!

The idea:


The project just reached a new milestone with its new 4.0.0 version.
It is still open to improvement and new ideas, there is certainly somewhere you can contribute or help!

We are - in our free time - trying to build a web-based testing infrastructure to eliminate or reduce the overall testing time.
Therefore, we are looking for new contributors that are interested in such a project (all sides are welcome!).

Everyone is welcome to contribute with code, idea or documentation!


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Project listed on October 06, 2021