VSCode Git Project Manager extension

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A VSCode extension that searches for git repositories and allows you to easily and quickly switch between them


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Most contributors are in Brazil

Ideal: 1 PR a month

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Git project manager is a simple, yet powerful extension to VScode editor that helps you to switch projects quickly and easily.

The main extension command shows a list of the available git repositories in all folders configured in the extension.
The first time it searchs all folders, after that it uses a cached repository info.

Looping video of how to use Git Project Manager


The project is really small and simple, and I'm generally available to help.

It has a lot of users but until now, just some contributors that helped a lot to have the extension
with all the features it currently have.

You can help by adopting any of the issues or even upgrading usability, features or the performance of the extension.

Be welcome!


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Project listed on October 20, 2021