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Exiv2 is a C++ Library for Image Metadata. The project also supports the exiv2 command-line utility to read/write/modify/delete image metadata such as Exif, IPTC, XMP, ICC and image comments. The project is maintained by a team of around 8 engineers who will welcome, encourage and mentor new members. There is an extensive test harness written in Python.

The project is mature and was started in 2004. Today it's used by many applications, including the Gnome and KDE Desktops. There is excellent documentation and web site. The API documentations is generated by Doxygen. https://exiv2.org

There is a book "Image Metadata and Exiv2 Architecture" which discusses every aspect of the project, technology and code. https://exiv2.org/book/


The project will welcome anyone interested in participating in a valuable part of the Linux Infrastructure. Coding skills such as C++, CMake and Python are of great value. Documentation, build, release engineering and localisation skills are appreciated. Volunteers to work with users on support and bug investigation will enjoy discovering answers to puzzles.

Project listed on December 05, 2022