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LuluTest is a Python framework for writing browswer automation scripts; this type of tool is typically
used for writing tests/specs, but our users can use LuluTest for whatever they want. Most recently,
LuluTest has been used in performance testing research at the University of Houston - Clear Lake.


Tell any future contributors a little about contributing to this project, and the culture and/or community around it.

If you would like to contribute to development, please pull the latest version of development,
create a local branch with a descriptive name, write your code, and push the branch to the
repository. After this, create a pull request for your feature branch to the development branch.
Please do not create PRs against the master branch.

An example workflow

After you've followed the steps in the Setup Guide, think of a meaningful
name for the branch you're about to make and run these commands:

git checkout -b my-cool-branch-name

Write your code and try to make meaningful commits. Here's an example:

# Write some code
$> git commit -am "Add new class to a module"
# Make some more changes
$> git commit -am "Add test for new class"

Once you've finished, please run all tests and correct any new failures. To run
all tests, run the following from the terminal while in the project root:

python -m unittest discover tests

Once you've committed everything, run:

git push origin my-cool-branch-name

Then, head over to the repository on Github
and create your pull request against the development branch. That's it!

A note on testing

Pull requests without tests will most likely be rejected unless the work
you've done is minor enough that a test would be overkill. If you're an
absolute beginner, don't let this scare you! Writing tests is good practice,
and there are most likely enough tests in the tests
directory that you can figure out what you need to do 😃

Keep in mind, this framework is designed to be a tool for software testing
and quality assurance, lets practice what we preach.

Issue Label Guide

  • Beginner Friendly - Issues tagged with this label are so tagged because they
    are likely within the realm of a novice Pythoneer
  • Bug - These issues are functionality-breaking issues that prevent the
    software from doing what a user would expect
  • Documentation - These issues revolve around documenting the system with
    things like READMEs, set up guides, various Wikis, etc
  • Duplicate - Issues will be marked duplicate if they have already been
  • Enhancement - These issues are for taking LuluTest from what it is now, to
    what we want it to be. It includes adding features as well as refactoring
  • Good First Issue - These are issues that will help newcomers to the project
    in getting acquainted with the project, not necessarily new programmers
  • Help Wanted - These issues are either beyond the expertise of the current
    contributors or need further discussion with someone who knows about the issue
    at hand
  • Integration and Management - Issues around building a CI server, setting up a
    Slack chat, and deployment/packaging solutions fall under this label


Resources to learn more about our technology and community.

Project listed on September 28, 2021