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Most contributors are in Europe


Interface X is a library of standalone, configurable building blocks (available as Vue.js based X Components) that allow you to quickly construct the search UI for your shop. You can create a smooth, personalized search and discovery experience, while significantly minimizing development time.

Whether you use Empathy Search API endpoints, Elasticsearch, Solr or other search APIs, bring your commerce search and discovery experience to life with Interface X, an irresistible, expressive, and joyful search UI.

Each component represents a graphical part of the UI, with its own unique view and behavior. They’ve been smartly designed to work together yet independently, so a single component adds real value to your UI by itself. The more components you add and combine, the more functionality you get. You can craft your own UI bundle with the right components for your shop. There are numerous components to choose from, and the catalog evolves quickly with new experiences.


Contributors could raise bugs, create feature requests, or simply get an issue and work on it. Also, we are open to hear new ways of collaborations.

Project listed on December 09, 2022