An implementation of the Kisekae Set System for the web


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Smooch is an implementation of the Kisekae Set System (aka KiSS) for the web. KiSS is a digital dress-up doll system that was invented in the early 1990s with a custom image format, configuration language, and scripting language. Smooch uses its Haskell backend to translate the images to PNGs and the configuration and scripting languages to JavaScript so that dolls can be viewed in a web browser. For now Smooch is just a viewer, but eventually it will also allow users to share and create their own dress-up dolls.


The project is divided into a separate frontend and backend, so it's easy to contribute JavaScript without knowing any Haskell - or contribute Haskell without knowing any JavaScript! Documentation contributions are also welcome. Checkout the file for details. The javascript directory has directions for front-end development and the app directory has directions for back-end development.

Project listed on October 04, 2022