Command line, offline, access to HTTP status code, common header, and port references.


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This tool allows you to have a handy reference to many of the things your average frontend or backend developer
will need to know over the course of the day. It's easy to search for that elusive 414 status code from your
terminal. Perhaps the details for the Referer header or even what usually listens on port 512. It's all
there at your fingertips without having to touch the browser. And if you want to find out more, each entry
includes a URL for you to explore more.

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I'm always looking for new things to add. Or perhaps I missed something or messed up. Please feel free to fill in
those gaps.

There's also a list of issues that are a great starting point to contributing. I try to operate a talk-first approach so please
raise an issue with any enhancements you think might be valuable

Project listed on September 29, 2021