Supporting your DevOps by shortening your strings using common abbreviations and clever guesswork.


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This project helps you to shorten strings on the command line using common abbreviations and some nifty algorithms. The idea
is that you can add this tool to your automated flows to reduce the length of longer strings so they can be safely used in
other contexts. The origin use case being the ability to turn long branch names in to names of AWS CloudFormation stack
names. The tool is also able to translate between different styles, such as camel case, Pascal case, kebab and custom case.
It's your choice really. You can also use your own custom list of abbreviations.


There are 3 main areas that I am looking for help:

  • A large list of abbreviations
  • Other languages
  • New abbreviation algorithms

There's also a list of issues that are a great starting point to contributing. I try to operate a talk-first approach so please
raise an issue with any enhancements you think might be valuable

Project listed on September 29, 2021