Container-native JDK Flight Recorder management, collection, and analysis tool.


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Cryostat is a backend server application that exposes an HTTP API allowing clients to connect to other Java applications running in their choice of container platform or cloud environment, such as Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. Through this connection Cryostat can start, stop, and retrieve JDK Flight Recorder (JFR) monitoring and profiling data about the various applications that it discovers. Clients can use various tools to analyze this data online through Cryostat, or download the data to a local file on their workstation for analysis using other tools like JDK Mission Control. The primary client is the Cryostat Web client that users view in their browser, built with React/TypeScript. There is also the Cryostat Operator and Cryostat Helm Chart which are deployment and management tools to assist users in getting a Cryostat instance installed and configured in their environment.


Contributors can browse the various repositories at to find one that suits their interests - Java backend development, React/TypeScript frontend, or Golang/k8s Operator. A good starting point is the cryostatio/cryostat repository (the main Java backend), which contains many of the useful scripts and documents as well as a with more specific details.

Project listed on February 01, 2023