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See how compilers and other tooling processes your code into assembly.


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Started in 2011, Compiler Explorer has become the go-to place to check out short snippets of compiled language code to see what assembly code is produced, how compiler flags affect code generation, what will or will not compile on a particular compiler, or just to explore.

We currently support 40+ languages including C and C++, Go, Pascal, Zig, Swift, Java, and ispc.

Compiler Explorer is written in Typescript and Javascript, but there's some native parts too, as well as all the infrastructure which is terraform and Python.

You should just be able to git clone the repo and then type "make" on Linux!


We have a welcoming Discord ( - and a pretty large, but curated, issue list on Github. Come hang out and chat with us, and we can help find something for you to get your teeth in to.

We do everything in public; so you can contribute on the front end on the website, the backend, or even the infrastructure (AWS stuff) that the site runs on.

Project listed on November 09, 2022