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UnTab is a browser productivity extension that gives you superpowers by making it possible to search through open tabs and perform common actions with just a few keystrokes.
This in turn boosts productivity and makes you look like a hero!

With UnTab you can:

  • 🔍 Search and Switch open tabs, history, bookmarks.
  • 🚀 Open Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing search results.
  • 💡 Pin/Unpin and close open tabs.
  • 🌐 Open a link by typing it's URL.
  • 🎨 Choose beautiful themes for UnTab based to your mood.


UnTab was a project that was started during FOSS Hack 2020. It was well
received by the community and was also one of the winning projects in this hackathon.

UnTab is still at a fairly early stage and there's a lot of features on the roadmap, some of which have already been
added thanks to other contributors. The project also encourages first-time contributors who are just getting started
with open source. It does not require a very deep understanding of the codebase to make the first contribution and also
has well documented steps to get you started.


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