Aarogya Bot is an AI-driven chatbot that will help you answer your basic medical queries, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, where moving out to consult a doctor isn't a luxury anymore. The chatbot can respond to your medical queries only to the best of its knowledge graph base.


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Today, as the world faces the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world has entered lockdown mode, with partial lockdown varying across demography. People are confused about a lot of things and wish to consult medical professional advice. However, lockdown restricts this luxury and hence it becomes very convenient to have a chatbot that can answer your basic medical queries.

Aarogya Bot can attempt to answer your queries about a limited set of diseases as of now. It can tell you about its symptoms, precaution and description of the disease. In case it can't answer your queries, or if you feel unsatisfied by the response, you are strongly advised to consult a medical professional. Since this is a vanilla implementation of our chatbot, we strongly advice against blind faith in the responses.


The interested contributors are requested to properly read the README.md file of the repository, as it contains the future scope of the project as well. Those are the improvements we would like to see in our project and make the chatbot better.

Project listed on October 02, 2021