Race for 100 Game

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This Guess to Win based game is built in pure JavaScript. Play with the Computer and try to crack it :)


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First Timer FriendlyGaming

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JavaScriptHTML / CSS

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Most contributors are in India, Asia-Pacific

Ideal: 1 PR a week

Mentorship & pairing available


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Race For 100 Game is one of the mot common games played by primary school kids. This is one of the simplest and interesting project to start with HTML/CSS and JS. The best part is that, this game has a hidden crack that once realised, will lead you to win the game no matter who you are playing with.


  • Get mentorship and start your first contribution.
  • Create a new issue to add some feature or fixing an existing one.
  • Improve on and implement Good Coding practices.
  • Learn how to start contributing here
  • Reach out to the maintainer [here] (https://linktr.ee/apoorve73)


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Project listed on October 02, 2021